What matters

I so loved gathering with so many of you for lunch on Sunday as we celebrated the completion of our “Measuring What Matters” Campaign. Gathering around the table, both in worship and in a celebratory meeting, offers such rich symbolism to how we do ministry together. As I visited with folks over lunch, I was struck by the many stories, hopes, dreams, skills, and talents this congregation brings to the ministry of First Christian Church.

It is a bounty.

From the hands that made the food to the voices whose jokes made me laugh; from the steady leadership of campaign committee to the deacons and elders swiftly improvising during worship, we are so blessed as a congregation. The estimates of giving you so generously provided are merely symbols of everything you bring to the table as we work to answer God’s call in this next year.

I am especially grateful to the work of the campaign committee. Please give these folks an additional pat on the back, “thank you,” or high five the next time you see them:

Connie and Kent Smithson, Co-Chairs
Barbara Kirby
John and Gail Holcombe
Don Reynolds
Linda Hershey
Betty Proctor
Rona Gary
Bill Allen
Rachel Allen
Chuck Martin
Jonathan Hyde

This week in worship we’ll be hearing a story of healing from the Gospel of Mark. In Mark 10:46-52, a blind beggar receives the gift of sight again. Jesus, as he so often does in the Gospels, offers compassion in surprising ways. What lessons might this have for our life together as the Church?

Come and see.