“Your young shall see visions,
and your old shall dream dreams”
—The Acts of the Apostles 2:17b (Paraphrased)

I’ve been spending some time with the book of Acts in preparation for Sunday’s sermon. It’s one of my favorite books of the Bible, as it tells the story of the early church, its struggles, its unique ways of forming community and telling the story of Jesus’s ongoing ministry.

But because Sunday is World Communion Sunday, I started with the story of Pentecost—a story that begins by noting just how diverse in language and culture the early church was, and how the gift of the spirit allowed for people to be understood by one another, even though they shared little else other than their faith that God was moving among them. The words of the prophet Joel, quoted above, point to the idealism that pushed the young church onward.

This Sunday, as we gather together to share a meal with the church universal, we partake of that idealism—and we call it Good News. What will it taste like? Come and see.

Thanks so much to everyone for your hospitality since my arrival. It’s been great to chat, hang out at the Ironman Tri, and to experience your kind welcomes. Lisa and I are so looking forward to completing our move over the next few weeks and calling Chattanooga home.

Rev. Brandon