A book of wanderers.

This past week, we heard the story of the Wandering Aramean, the one who came through the desert, whose descendants were enslaved and who heard the liberating voice of God.

This Sunday, we’ll hear the story of two more characters from the Bible who sought out refuge in a  time of famine: Ruth and Naomi.

While there are many women named throughout both testaments of the Bible, very few of their stories are told in detail, very few of their words are remembered and written down.

The Book of Ruth, on the other hand, does do that.  It’s a powerful story with all of the intrigue, politics, seduction, and all out drama of anything you’ll see on HBO.

But more than that, it tells us something about our full worth as part of God’s creation.

Come this week and see—maybe we’ll discover together that, as the cliche goes, not all who wander are lost.