It’s Monday evening, and I’m still thinking about last night’s Moravian Love Feast.

It was an incredible experience, and as your Senior Pastor and a first time participant, I felt so honored to be able to participate, even if in a small way.

As I told many of you, though I was struck by how the trombones played both majestically and tenderly, how the lights filled our sanctuary so elegantly, what continues to roll around in my head is how this tradition from the Moravian Church so richly complements the Disciples theology of the table.

We are a people who practice an extravagant hospitality by offering Christ’s invitation to the Lord’s Supper to all who hunger.  An experience like the Love Feast brings that extravagance to life in a way that is tactile, intimate, and seemed to be full of the Holy Spirit.  For this lifelong Disciple, the Moravian Love Feast offered a new way of experiencing my tradition and being reminded that God’s invitation to new life is not unlike an invitation to extravagant meal.

The Love Feast was also an amazing testimony to the commitment to ecumenism held so dear by Disciples—not only do we come together and share in worship in ways that pull on multiple traditions, but by extending an invitation to our entire community, we proclaim a table that is wide enough for the entire world.

What a gift.  Thanks to all of you who helped organize it, and thanks be to the God who offers us a welcome more extravagant  than we can imagine.

DON’T MISS this Sunday’s “Lessons and Carols” Worship Service.  Not only will we be graced by the worshipful words of the Gospels and beloved carols that will continue to shape our advent journey, but we will welcome Rev. Beth Dobyns, Interim Regional Minister of Tennessee, to our worship service.  Rev. Dobyns not only administers the ministries of the Region, but she serves as “Pastor to the Pastors” of our region.  I hope that you will greet her and thank her for the way she partners in ministry with our congregation.

As always, I am grateful to be in ministry with you.  Thanks for the many ways you offer extravagant welcome.