“When God is a Child.”

“When God is a Child,” is a lovely hymn, written for Advent, that we’ll be singing this year at our early Christmas Eve Service.

It’s a sweet-sounding song meant to take us through each week. We’ll revisit our journey through Advent, which will end—or perhaps, more acurately, begin—with the crescendo of Christmas.

I hope to see you all at one of our two services—whether at 5:30 or 10:30. Come celebrate a simple yet beautiful service at the time that best fits with your family traditions. We’ll be here, ready to welcome the hope, love, joy, and peace made real by the Christ child entering the world.

On December 27th, we’ll hear another take on what it means to live in a world where “God is a child”: Luke 2:41-52. After hearing a word from Mary this past week, we’ll hear some words from the young Jesus. Come and see what they are—and what they mean for us today.

Just a note: Christmas, though a time when we gather to celebrate in joy, is not joyous for everyone. Whether it is feelings of grief and loss, economic challenges, health issues or something else, Christmas can be a difficult time for many of us. Be gentle on one another. Pray for each other. If the circumstances of friends and strangers make it impossible for them to receive the joy you wish for them, do what you can to be a bringer of peace, and if possible, hope.

As always, I’m grateful to call you partners in ministry.