Dear FCC Family,

It has been a long 15 months! After over a year of worshipping online, we will soon be able to come together to worship in person. The FCC Covid planning team has been gleaning advice from the CDC and the Wisconsin Council of Churches (an ecumenical ministry that has done a terrific job of interpreting CDC guidelines for church life) to make a Health and Safety plan that will make our worship time as safe as possible for all involved. You can CLICK HERE to view a list of guidelines for in-person worship, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions you may have been wondering about.

As we made this plan, we were very mindful of the “WHY” of these health and safety guidelines. In making this plan, we are making decisions for the most vulnerable among us: our elderly members, our children, those of us that cannot be vaccinated, and visitors that might come to see what FCC is all about. While the great majority of our congregation has been vaccinated for Covid-19, we want to continue to make FCC a place where “all means all” and embody Christian love by looking out for all of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you have any questions about the health and safety measures FCC is taking, please email Rev. Brandon, Bob Sauser, Connie Smithson, or Katie Wylie.

Thank you all, and we hope to see your faces and your best Sunday masks very soon!

In-Person Worship Health and Safety Policy Guidelines In-Person Worship FAQs

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