Kiaros time: “in God’s own time.” Many of us work inordinately hard to order our chaotic lives, the old “herding cats” syndrome. Yet somehow, in the midst of all our ordering, things have a way of working out.

If you live in the world I live in, there are good reasons for anxiety: violence of all kinds, natural disasters, lives broken by addiction and other causes, relationships gone awry. You name it, it’s out there…chaos. Then, there’s the more local level like, “Who will be our next pastor?” “Will they (the Search Committee) find the right person?” Etc.

One of the biblical ideas for the basis of our Disciples church is that of covenant, being accountable to one another because of our shared belief in Jesus Christ. When practiced by a congregation, covenant opens the possibilities of kiaros.

Your Search Committee was organized with the intentions of covenant. The congregation entrusted the work of searching for a minister to the Search Committee. The Search Committee has taken that covenant seriously; listening to the congregation and developing a profile and mission, and now endeavoring to match that hopeful profile to those who are pastoral candidates.

Now the anxious part, awaiting kiaros, God’s time. The trust of both the congregation and the Search Committee is that God will supply the right person at the right time. It is a time to stay the course, but not manipulate the path. In due time, or better said, in God’s own time the right person will emerge as your next senior pastor.

Two wonderful Bible ideas, that when practiced, bear fruit for the reign of God. God’s blessings on the work of our Search Committee, and upon the patient wait of this congregation for kiaros. Ultimately, our trust is in God. And God is faithful to the promise!