Prayer: We gather together to pray to God, using ancient prayer and psalm, always mindful of the needs of our present community, our world, and one another.

Song: Our worship is filled with a diverse array of music. You are invited to add your voice to songs that express every mood, from contemplative meditation to exuberant praise.

Word: We listen for the Word of God in preaching that draws on the Christian Scriptures, contemporary scholarship, and relevance to today’s world.

Table: Communion is at the heart of our worship and perhaps our fullest expression of wholeness in practice. As Jesus welcomes us all to the table, we practice open communion, inviting all to share in the Lord’s Supper.

Christian Education Class Schedule

Worship Schedule

 9:30 am Christian Education
10:30 am Coffee and Conversation
11:00 am Worship
12:00 pm Fellowship

Nursery and childcare available
Seating area with captioning provided
Audio listening devices available

Sunday Education

Christian Education

The Kemp Class Where: Kemp Classroom, Upstairs
Taught by Alan Cates Time: 9:30 AM-10 AM

We welcome all ages. The primary focus is Bible Study.
If you are interested in attending this class, please contact Wanda Jones or Alan Cates

Child Sunday Classes/Nursery

The Nursery Where:
Time: 9:15 AM-12:15 PM

Children are offered play, are activities and books along with having their needs met.
Ages: birth through three-year-olds (not potty-trained).
Staffed by two paid workers and an adult volunteer; when needed.

The Bridge Class

President: Fileding Atchley Where: Koinonia Classroom, Downstairs
Taught by Various Members Time: 9:30 AM-10: 30 AM

A diverse group of people from various faith backgrounds, who are open to exploring the Christian faith and developing their understanding of what it means to be a committed and serving Christian.
The study is from a variety of sources, quarterly books from religious authors, and discussion of the material.

The Mosaic Class

Where: Faith Collective Room
Taught by Bryce Wynn Time: 9:30 AM-10: 30 AM

Mosaic is a conversational-style exploration of contemporary Christian authors and their works as seen through the lens of current events.
Who is Mosaic for?
Mosiac is for anyone willing to explore their faith in a non-judgemental and conversational environment.
Where can I learn more about Mosaic?
For any questions you have about Mosaic, please contact Bryce Lee Wynn.

The Pre-School Class

Time: 9:15 AM-12:15 PM

Children have a play period followed by Bible study and supporting activities, art, acting out the story and /or discussions.
Ages: 3 (potty-trained) through Kindergarten.

Sunday School

Time: 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Mission-based lessons and activities – the Christian Church curricula used are “The Journey to the Congo”, “Exploring the Holy Land” and “Kids to Kids” activities that help children to understand the mission.

Children’s Church

During Worship Where: Sanctuary
Time: 11AM

Children will join parents in the service before communion. The curriculum used is Holy Moly, a Bible-based curriculum that follows the church calendar and includes Bible study with creative games and art to support the Bible lesson.